Water Damage Photo Gallery

Tile floor with standing water and towels

Orangeburg Toilet Backup Water Damage Needs Special Handling

The water damage in this Orangeburg property needs care with the cleanup due to the contaminated nature of the water. SERVPRO technicians used biocide treatments to make the water safer to handle. The homeowner put down towels prior to the arrival of the techs which slowed the spread.

Living room with furniture and wet carpet

Bedminster Water Heater Damage Disaster

When a water heater released the supply from its tank into a Bedminster home, the water damage affected a total of four rooms in the house. The only significant loss to the family was to this carpet in the living room that required removal.

SERVPRO drying equipment in crawl space

Toms River Home Needs Water Damage Cleanup From Top to Bottom

After a tree limb crashed through the roof of this Toms River home during heavy storms, the rainwater entered and migrated through the home until it landed in the crawl space. SERVPRO deployed air movers and dehumidification equipment to dry the space quickly.

Buckling hardwood floor.

Water Damage Restoration In Bernardsville

Within minutes a water incident can leave your Bernardsville home destroyed. Our quick response will prevent mold growth and limit further damage. SERVPRO of Bridgewater has the training, equipment, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Bernardsville Water Soaked Carpet

Most carpets that have been saturated with clean water from a plumbing failure can be salvaged. Our SERVPRO techs can come to this Bernardsville home and do what is called "floating the carpet." No need to take it up and complicate the drying process. Our low profile air movers are working hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

Warren Water Loss

The washing machine leaked in this semi-converted basement in Warren and deposited some water on the concrete pad. Though it appears hard, the cement is porous and special care by SERVPRO technicians can remove the penetrated moisture after first vacuuming up the pooling water. If not done slowly and monitored, the floor can degrade and crack. Rely on us to keep your Warren home high and dry.

Basking Ridge Water Removal and Drying

Water that lingers on an expensive carpet can lead to irreparable damage--delamination and then discarding. SERVPRO strives to preserve the contents for our Basking Ridge customers whenever possible. The Photo shows some of our various types of air movers placed on plastic sheeting to protect the new carpet. Our skilled technicians can be counted on to do a professional, thorough job.

Water leads to Mold in Bound Brook, NJ

In water damages, time is of the essence. This house was unoccupied so the water sat for a number of weeks, slowly soaking the structure and causing mold growth. The SERVPRO crew first removed the materials that were damaged beyond repair. We then cleaned the remaining structure by hand and using HEPA vacuums. Here, Production Technician Wilber restores the remaining floor joists so they can be used to rebuild. The sooner you call the more affected structure can be saved.

Even a small leak can cause big damage

It doesn’t take a large source of water to cause a huge water loss. This family in Hillsborough, NJ, was out of town when a pipe began to leak on the second floor. They were gone long enough for it to soak through to the first floor and basement. Once water has been sitting in materials for longer than a couple of days they often cannot be dried and instead have to be removed. SERVPRO’s sensors detect water so we know exactly what is damaged and we don’t take out too much or too little.