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Can You Keep Your Craft Store in Bridgewater Safe From Mold Damage?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall If you are concerned about mold in your business, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Bridgewater Shop Owners Are Anxious To Avoid Mold Damage?

Owning a craft store in Bridgewater is a labor of love. You need to invest in stock, staff, and your building. Naturally, you do not want to lose any stock if you can avoid it, as that would mean paying out more dollars to replace it.

Mold damage to your Bridgewater craft store is bad news for your inventory. Mold needs five things to grow:

    •    Moisture
    •    The correct temperature
    •    Darkness
    •    Oxygen
    •    An organic food source

Unfortunately, paper and fabric-based craft materials are an ideal food source for mold. If your inventory is stored in a dark storeroom or tucked away at the back of shelves on the shop floor, fungus can infiltrate.

How can I prevent mold damage in my store?
Because mold loves dark, moist corners, the best thing you can do to protect your shop is to create a drier atmosphere. SERVPRO suggests:

    •    Running a dehumidifier on the shop floor and in storage areas
    •    Making sure your HVAC system is running properly
    •    Fixing leaky doors, windows, gutters, or roof tiles as soon as you spot them
    •    Carrying out regular walk-throughs of your premises to check for potential problems

It is also a good idea to store your craft materials on raised shelves above the floor and away from the walls.? If you notice signs of mold, do not try to remedy it yourself, as this can make things worse. Instead, call us immediately – we are available 24 hours a day.

How can SERVPRO help?
Our staff includes specially trained mold remediation specialists who know how to handle a mold situation.

We will set up containment in the affected area so the spores cannot escape and spread throughout your store. If necessary, we can use a negative air machine to vent contaminated air outside.

Our team uses various techniques to deal with mold, including HEPA vacuuming, scrubbing, wiping, antimicrobial treatments, and baking soda blasting. We know which method best suits each situation.

When we are finished, we will deodorize your store. We use air scrubbers, and sometimes foggers or ozone generators, to clean the air and leave your shop smelling fresh and welcoming. If you are concerned about mold in your business, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Do Residents Need to Use a Dehumidifier if Their Home Has Good Ventilation?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stacked inside of storage facility Water damage? Call SERVPRO! We have the necessary equipment to restore your home.

SERVPRO Uses a Multi-Pronged Attack to Remove Excess Moisture in Your Bridgewater Home 

Removing water after a leak from a kitchen pipe is not always a simple task. Sometimes Bridgewater property owners incorrectly assume that soaking up the water with old towels and opening windows is an adequate solution. However, this is not always the case. It is vital to have a thorough approach to mitigate secondary damage, such as mold growth or warped walls and flooring. Dehumidifiers are a critical component in the cleanup of your home. 

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

SERVPRO Uses Dehumidifiers to Remove Excess Moisture from the Air 

Water removal during your Bridgewater restoration project typically requires the use of dehumidification equipment. They are important because they take the water vapor from the air, which lowers the air's humidity level. After the humidifier removes the moisture, the air is exhausted back into the room. 

How Do Technicians Maintain a Balanced Drying System?

  • The amount of moisture removed by dehumidifiers needs to be the same as the amount added to the air from the excess water's evaporation.
  • Air quality is impacted if the air is too dry.
  • Dehumidifiers should be evenly placed throughout the impacted area of your home to ensure consistent drying conditions. 

What are the Different Types of Dehumidifiers?

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers: There are conventional refrigerants and low grain refrigerants (LGR). Both use refrigerants to cool air below its dew point, allowing the condensation to drain into the collection tank. LGRs can lower the humidity ratio more effectively than the conventional refrigerants.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers use chemicals to absorb excess moisture while the warm reactivation air releases back into the room. Desiccant dehumidifiers are very effective in removing water and lowering humidity. However, they run the risk of over-drying materials such as wood or carpet. 

For assistance, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Local School in Bridgewater Closed Due To Mold – Can SERVPRO Help?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling peeling and mold infested Mold can quickly spread in your school. Do NOT delay. Contact our experienced team today for remediation services.

Our Technicians are Certified in Mold Mitigation and Can Clean Your School

Bridgewater sits on the edge of the Taunton River. There are smaller rivers and streams which branch off of the river. There are lots of ponds and even a swamp in the area. Schools are also a critical part of the city. Families count on their schools to be ready to go for the school year. When you combine moisture from the area with mold spores, any school can develop mold.

Can Mold be Removed from the Cafeteria?

Any building can deteriorate over time and develop water leaks. Even new school buildings can have faulty HVAC systems that can cause water intrusions. In this case, the school cafeteria remained unused all summer. A leak from a pipe went unnoticed, and due to the hot weather, mold developed and spread. When it was time to clean and reopen for the school season, the mold was discovered. Now is the time for mold remediation in Bridgewater.

Mold is everywhere. With the above conditions, it allowed the mold spores to develop colonies. The cafeteria walls, floors, and tables were a food source for the mold. Our technicians are Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT). They understand what is needed in mold damage abatement and are well-trained to mitigate the problem. 

 Mold Remediation Process

Immediate mitigation is needed any time you see mold. Mold can cause health effects and destroy the content of the cafeteria. To reduce the spread of mold and clean up the existing growth in Bridgewater, SERVPRO technicians use several necessary procedures:

  •   Containment – Containing the affected area is the beginning of the remediation process. It prevents the spores from spreading during mold removal. Physical barriers, such as plastic sheeting, may be used. Air scrubbers use HEPA filters to trap spores and negative air pressure to port the spores and airborne particles to the exterior.
  •   Mold Removal – If it has mold, it either needs the mold removed from the material, or the material has to be removed. Soda blasting and dry ice blasting can remove fungi off of impacted services. Porous material such as drywall needs to be removed if the hyphae are deeply embedded. Controlled demolition can be used to remove infested sections. It is then properly disposed of by our techs.
  •   Clean Up Dust – Dust can be a byproduct of the mold removal. Mold spores can settle in the area as a result. Once the contaminated components are removed SERVPRO uses vacuums with HEPA filters to remove the dust and spores. Dust can also get wiped off the surfaces. 
  •   Drying Process – Once the mold gets removed and the cafeteria is cleaned, the area is dried. We use air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers during this process.
  • Sanitizing – EPA- registered antimicrobials and antifungals are applied to all affected surfaces. Sealants may be applied to prevent the return of mold.

Can Appliance and Tables Be Saved?

Non-porous materials can be cleaned and restored. The cafeteria tables were plastic with metal legs. The tabletops got cleaned with a manual action, including scraping and brushing. Then they were wiped down with antimicrobial sanitizers. The legs were cleaned the same way. 

Some of the appliances had severe mold on the outside. Thankfully the refrigerators and freezers were not impacted on the inside. Soda blasting was used on several of the freezers. Scraping, brushing, and wiping down were employed as well. Because of the nature of the cafeteria, EPA approved sanitizers were used on counters, sinks, and other areas that seem to be unaffected.

Preventing the Return of Mold

In order to prevent future infestation, the school implemented a plan that including weekly inspections of the facility for any type of water intrusion. Special attention would be given to the restrooms and cafeteria. Sealants were used on porous wall material to provide a waterproof barrier. The appropriate authorities were contacted after the mold remediation to set up a mold testing. Since this is a municipal facility, an Industrial Hygienist (IH) must test the ambient air for mold spores. Certain levels much be achieved by this third-party action. Once the school was cleared, normal routines could continue.

 Serving the Community

SERVPRO is privileged to serve the Bridgewater community. Our families are part of the area, and our kids attend the local schools. We are proud to offer mold remediation services that are top-notch and can keep schools operating. Not only do we have AMRT certified techs, but they are also Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. They hold to the industry’s highest standards. Advanced technology, experience, and expertise allow us to offer our town a fire, flood, and mold remediation services that are second to none.

We also understand that disasters of any size do not always wait for business hours. Our crew is available Monday through Sunday and around the clock. Situations like this do not take a holiday, and neither do we. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222 - 2020 for expert mold remediation service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can I Protect My Home from Storm Damage?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

lightning strikes in night sky; trees in foreground Storms are frequent here and can bring flooding. Should floodwaters invade your home, SERVPRO is always on call!

Bridgewater Residents Count on SERVPRO to Address Devastation and Flood Damage Brought on By Storms 

Excessive groundwater flooding after a sudden storm often brings notable destruction, mainly if the water infiltrates your interior on any level. You could potentially have damage to your gutters and roofing while also taking a hit to your basement or ground floor. Any standing water left to fester for too long brings harmful contamination and pressure build up on your walls and structural elements. These are just some of the reasons why it is better to be prepared to protect your Bridgewater home from damage. To start with, you can keep SERVPRO's number handy so that you have trained professionals on the scene quickly to begin cleanup and restoration efforts. 

Lessening Flood Impact on Your Home 

After calling SERVPRO to assist with Bridgewater's flood damage, we send out our fully-stocked Green Fleet to start the assessment. This initial phase is critical, as it helps us determine the level of damage to formulate a plan for removing water and drying every area affected. With your phone call, you can count on us for: 

  • A quick response from our crew, arriving in as little as four hours after your initial call for help.
  • A detailed estimate that includes accurate, fair pricing to eliminate surprises.
  • Fully-trained and IICRC-certified technicians who are ready to start work on the water extraction and restoration efforts.
  • Quality, dependable work to restore your flood damaged home to preloss condition so that everything is, "Like it never even happened." 

Why Do You Have to Move Some of My Belongings? 

Depending on the situation, it might be best that we perform pack-out services. A pack-out is when we carefully pack up some contents to bring them off-site for drying, cleaning, or safe storage, speeding up the restoration project while also freeing up room for our crew to work. Our technicians follow protocols to inventory your possessions, including information on the rooms they came from and the condition during packing. This process is another way to ensure coverage should anything become damaged in transit. 

Is My Carpeting Salvageable After a Flood Incident? 

The contaminants often found in flood water in Bridgewater can lead to potential health hazards, so all areas impacted must be treated carefully. Our skilled technicians know whether the carpeting and padding below can be thoroughly cleaned, then dried, or if all of it should get replaced. In many interior flooding situations, the carpet and carpet padding get removed with particular attention paid to the subfloor below. Carpeting saturated by floodwater often becomes delaminated or loses backing, then turns into a prime source for musty odors. Removing the carpet altogether allows our team to dry the subfloor to help inhibit mold and mildew growth. 

How Does Drying Work After Extraction? 

We make sure that we remove all water from your home, taking extra measures to ensure no moisture gets left behind. We then put powerful equipment in place to speed up the drying phase to restore your interior back to normal humidity levels. Just a few of the drying equipment we use for water incidents include: 

  • Industrial fans
  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Dehumidifiers, and more 

Using these tools in unison, our crew can maintain airflow that allows us to dry your furnishings, flooring, walls, and other affected areas. 

Should we find water seeped behind the baseboards or walls, we have specialized structural drying equipment at our disposal. We can force the warm air into hard to reach areas and wall cavities, which are known for trapping moisture. Our trucks also come equipped with various attachments that help us redirect, filter, and manipulate airflow. 

Do I Need to Worry About Foul, Damp Odors? 

As part of our water restoration efforts, we take the time to address foul odors' potential throughout the home. Once extraction and drying wraps up, we work to sanitize and deodorize the work zone with a variety of tools, such as 

  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal fogging
  • Air filtration devices (AFD), and more 

AFDs help to control contaminants in the air and work by layering filters to capture particles and debris. These devices also include a HEPA filter and our Odor-Cleanz filter, which allows us to achieve optimum results for indoor air quality (IAQ) and the elimination of musty odors. 

Do I Need to Worry About Mold? 

After a flood event in your home, you can rest assured that SERVPRO has the training necessary to inspect your interior for signs of mold colonization. We ensure that our cleanup, drying, and sanitization plan includes treating surfaces with EPA-registered antimicrobial agents to prevent mold growth from setting in. 

When you need rapid, reliable flood damage services, we are here to help 24/7 at SERVPRO of Bridgewater. Call us at (908) 222-2020, and we can send out a crew to get to work on an assessment as soon as possible.

What Can I Do to Get Help with Flood Damage in Bridgewater?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home SERVPRO of Bridgewater is the best team to call when you need rapid flood damage assistance.

SERVPRO Arrives at Your Bridgewater Property Fast to Start the Flood Damage Restoration Process

Flooding and weather damage may arise from a broad range of natural disasters. If you get hit with a tropical storm, hurricane, or another event, the effects can be overwhelming to your home and your family. In many instances, this water causes damage when it comes in through broken windows, damaged rooftops, and your home's ground level. After the water infiltrates your Bridgewater interior, you could face harm to your furnishings, electronics, critical documents, and structural elements. SERVPRO is available 24/7, so you have the certified technicians on your side to help mitigate the damage.

Why Should I Enlist the Help of Trained Technicians?

When you call SERVPRO for flood damage in Bridgewater, you can rest assured that you have local experts on your side. We feature highly-qualified and IICRC-certified restoration techs that can handle any size or scope flooding event. You can look to us for:

    •    Fast action to help minimize the impact of the loss
    •    Caring for your immediate needs, including board up and tarping services
    •    Developing a tailored plan that ensures your home gets restored to preloss condition
    •    A nationwide, robust network to handle everything from extraction and pack-out to controlled demolition services
    •    Rapid mobilization that allows us to get to your home in as little as a few hours after your initial call

Why choose us for help with floodwater infiltration? Our main goal is to ensure that your life gets back to normal after the onset of the incident. We keep the dialogue open so that you are informed about each step of the way. We want you to know our progress, and we are always available with guidance when you need it most. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is the best team to call when you need rapid flood damage assistance. Call us today at (908) 222-2020, and we send a crew out as quickly as possible!

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Restoration Services Company After a Fire in Bridgewater?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

House fire SERVPRO proudly serves the community as the smart choice among fire damage companies that handle the cleanup after any size fire in a home.

SERVPRO technicians bring extensive training and the latest equipment to cleanup Bridgewater homes after a fire

The cleanup after a fire in a home ideally should begin as soon as the first responders give the all-clear to enter the Bridgewater property. There are some important considerations when choosing a company to restore your home, such as:   
    •    Are the employees trained and certified?  
    •    Do employees participate in ongoing education for the latest trends in restoration?
    •    Will the company work with my insurance carrier?
    •    How quickly does the crew show up at my home?

What Can Fire Damage Restoration Companies Do That I Cannot?

After a fire in your Bridgewater property, bringing in one of your local fire damage restoration companies is a smart move. There are numerous mistakes that property owners can make when cleaning up after a fire, and it can compound the damage to the house and contents such as the use of the incorrect cleaning methods for smoke damage removal. When SERVPRO technicians handle the cleanup and restoration of your home after a fire, you can expect a fast arrival and that the situation gets dealt with with the highest degree of professionalism.

What Happens During the Restoration Services?

SERVPRO technicians arrive within four hours of your initial call and begin the cleanup process. Some of the most common actions seen during mitigation include:   
    •    Containment to protect undamaged areas of the home
    •    Communicating as needed with your insurance adjuster
    •    Removal of charred items with approval from the homeowner or adjuster
    •    Inspection of ductwork to determine the extent of soot spread in the home
    •    The technicians remove charred items and begin the process of cleaning away soot and smoke on surfaces are preliminary tactics to lessen the soot and odor in the home.

Water damage from the extinguishing efforts can also contribute to making the problems in the home worse. The longer it remains within the structure, the more potential it has to destroy flooring, wick into sheetrock, and ruin furniture. Through the use of detection equipment, SERVPRO techs can locate all the areas with elevated moisture levels that require drying. The techs use their extraction equipment and air movers to drop the moisture levels rapidly.

Soot can be caustic if it remains on fixtures with chrome finishes or other metal knobs and accessories throughout the home. The techs clean the surfaces and wrap them, so any remaining airborne particulate does not re-settle on the articles.

Hardwood furniture covered in soot after a fire does not automatically require disposal. If exposure to heat or water has not damaged the joints through cracking or swelling, there may be potential for a full restoration through cleaning. The techs have access to wood soaps, waxes, and oil-based cleaners to assist in the removal of smoke damage and restoration of the wood. In some cases, the damage to the furniture may require refinishing for a complete return to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO techs bring their professional-grade exclusive cleaners to every job site. Before cleaning, surfaces get tested to determine the type of smoke damage present as well as the kind of surface getting cleaned. This practice ensures the best outcome in every case, with the detailed attention given during this step. For example, dry smoke can cause more significant harm to surfaces if wet cleaning agents get applied. Instead, other methods such as the use of dry cleaning sponges to capture and lift away the particulate, and then, the surfaces receive a progressively deeper cleaning to remove any remaining soot. When the situation calls for it, the techs can mix custom solvent-based solutions for the removal of thick, smeary wet smoke.

A controlled demolition is a common event during the restoration of a home post-fire. Before any repairs or reconstruction can occur, the home needs to be free of any remaining fire odors. SERVPRO uses air scrubbers to improve the air quality throughout the mitigation process to capture airborne soot; however, complete scent removal requires more robust methods. The techs use various types of equipment, such as thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators, to neutralize both embedded and airborne odorous particles. It is not uncommon for the removal of the odors to become a multi-layered process to ensure that the structure is scent-free and ready for the final repairs to bring the restoration to a close.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 proudly serves the community as the smart choice among fire damage companies that handle the cleanup after any size fire in a home. With the use of their comprehensive training and state-of-the-art equipment, they can make the fire and smoke damage a thing of the past.

A Pipe Burst Caused Water Intrusion in My Bridgewater Property. Whom Can I Call to Remove the Water?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking out of a burst copper pipe Water damage not taken care of properly can leave more damage in your home than what you started with. Call SERVPRO mitigation services.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians in Bridgewater to Perform Water Removal in Your Property.

When water seeps to various surfaces in your property, it can cause significant damage, especially if ignored for an extended period. Fortunately, if you hire SERVPRO professionals to help you restore your Bridgewater home, you can avoid extensive damage.

What are the dangers of trapped moisture?

The damage that water causes is painfully apparent, and that is the reason why you need to perform prompt water removal in your Bridgewater home. Some property owners attempt to remove the water themselves. However, without proper skills and the right water removal equipment, the homeowners end up performing a poor job. The moisture left behind can create risks such as:

Compromising structural integrity of building materials

Moisture behind drywall may cause supports and posts to rot. This can significantly affect your wall's ability to hold up the roof.

Mold growth

Mold produces toxic spores that can cause severe health conditions to the property’s residents. Our technicians can treat areas with mold using advanced products. We can use vanquish, a disinfectant that destroys 99 percent of organisms it comes into contact with on the surface.

Decreased value of a home

A poorly restored property may lose its sale value. The moisture may cause an unfriendly environment to live in, making it difficult to resell.

How do restorers find moisture in confined places?

Water in confined areas can provide a friendly environment for mold growth and odors if not handled on time. SERVPRO’s team of diligent technicians can check for moisture in areas such as: 

  • Outlet covers
  • Under appliances
  • Built-ins
  • Behind drywall

We can use a thermal imaging camera to monitor the moisture in building materials. The device helps us see how water traveled throughout the structure.

How do you dry an affected property?

Water affects materials in two ways. It can directly touch the materials, or moisture (water vapor) can touch the materials. To dry a property effectively, it is essential to remove the water and dry the air. After our technicians pump out the excess water, we begin drying the air. If too much moisture is in the air, it takes longer to dry affected materials. Ventilation is essential for effective drying. Therefore, we can open all windows and doors to enable dry fresh air to enter the property. 

To dry the air, our technicians control the temperature and use drying tools like air movers and dehumidifiers to control humidity levels. We also use the science of psychometry to monitor the drying process regularly. This enables us to determine if the drying process is working.

Water damage should not distort your daily routine. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 for efficient water removal services that can make a water loss seem, “Like it never even happened.”

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Can SERVPRO Restore My Storm Damaged Home in Bridgewater?

8/4/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded room “Like it never even happened.”

Our Restoration Teams Are Professionals at Emergency Flood Mitigation After Storms Wreak Havoc in Bridgewater

Tropical cyclones, hurricanes, and tornadoes travel up New Jersey coastlines leaving severe flooding in their paths. Even in towns like Bridgewater, which aren’t directly on the shoreline, can suffer from the rains, winds, and flooding that comes from these storms.

What services can SERVPRO provide after my home floods during a storm?

Tropical storms bring damaging wind and rain. Storms can produce up to 15” of water in as little as two to three days. As these storms and floodwaters sweep through flood damage in Bridgewater can be quite extensive. Immediate mitigation is a must, and our technicians are ready to go. We have water damage restoration technicians and applied structural drying technicians that will assess your situation and provide you with a plan to restore your home and leave it “Like it never even happened.” Here are some problems we address:

• Blackwater – flooding leaves contaminated water that needs special treatment.
• Mold – water damage left untreated for as little as two days can cause mold.
• Structural damage – flooding can weaken structures and ruin walls, floors, and ceilings.
• Content damage – different content needs different cleaning
• Foundation damage – flooding can cause problems with your home’s foundation

Repairing Storm Damaged Homes

Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians bring the experience, equipment, and skills needed to repair and clean up the flood damage to your residence. Once they arrive on the scene, they begin restoring your home by doing the following:

• Water extraction – removing the water quickly is critical. Our powerful pumps can extract massive amounts of water.
• Drying out – Once the water gets removed, the drying process begins. Air movers and dehumidifiers handle this step.
• Content restoration – we handle everything from furniture restoration to document recovery.
• Cleaning and sanitizing
• Final restoration – painting, restoring carpet, etc.

If your home has experienced flood damage, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 for quality water mitigation service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Fast Can My Restaurant Reopen After Water Damage?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

"Come in we're open" We understand the importance of getting back to business as usual. We will have you back up and running in no time at all.

SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge and equipment to get your Bridgewater eatery reopened quickly after a water loss incident.

When you have a business that relies on foot traffic for the on-going success of your company, something like a supply line break or other plumbing issues can derail your business until the water gets removed. This is a situation you should hand off to a professional restoration services company in Bridgewater, to ensure that your restaurant gets cleaned, dried, and sanitized to meet health department standards for food prep so you can reopen without issue. 

Does My Restaurant Need to Have Everything Moved Out to For Commercial Water Cleanup?

SERVPRO techs have extensive training for commercial water cleanup in Bridgewater properties and try to limit the disruption to the contents of the property as much as possible during mitigation. Drying in place actions include:   

  • Placing tables on blocks and moving out chairs during extraction and drying
  • Removal of food prep equipment out of the loss area for deep cleaning
  • Use of sanitizing cleaners to ensure no bacteria gets left behind

In cases of extreme loss, the techs may need to perform a pack out to mitigation the loss. With their Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS), the techs catalog and document each item as to its condition and location within the restaurant, so when the restoration services complete, the things get put back in place. 

Why Does My Business Need to Close During Water Loss Mitigation? 

In a business that the public frequents, the people entering your restaurant expect the property to be safe. A wet floor can leave your patrons at risk of slip and fall accidents. Bacteria may be present, and if the water contains sewage or solid waste, it is dangerous to come into contact with or aspirate. The techs have protective clothing that allows them to extract the water and dispose of loss items safely. They also have the testing equipment to determine any pathogens or bacteria that are present, so the appropriate cleaning agents get chosen to eliminate them. 

Common Damages Seen in Commercial Properties  

Flooring by far gets the brunt of water loss, and glue-down tile and carpet fare the worst as when exposed to excessive moisture, they delaminate and allow seepage into the substrate below. Composite flooring tends to deteriorate upon exposure and, in most situations, is a loss.

When moisture gets left behind, it can cause foul odors and, in some cases, mold growth. When cleaning a restaurant, the techs pay special attention to areas of excessive moisture, as found through the use of their detection equipment to ensure that nothing gets left behind.   

Sheetrock wicks water rapidly upon exposure, and when that happens, the result is to buckle or warp. When this occurs, the techs use their moisture detection equipment to determine if the water is behind walls or under flooring, so nothing gets removed that does not need it. This controlled demolition limits the number of building materials that get disposed of so the property owner does not end up replacing an entire wall when only the bottom portion of the sheetrock got affected by the water loss. 

The techs set up a cleaning station to handle any contents that require cleaning for reuse. Immersion cleaning is the most common method. 

Drying and Disinfection are Pivotal to a Rapid Reopening  

The drying process is more than setting up fans and hoping for the best. SERVPRO techs use their equipment to monitor the process carefully and assure that preset drying goals get attained. They take air measurements during the process to determine if additional air movers and dehumidifiers are necessary to stay on track.   

Once the site is confirmed as dry, the techs wipe down the tables, and loss area to sanitize surfaces and ready the property for any needed repairs. SERVPRO has rolled out our unique program--Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned--to provide exceptional applications of disinfectants. In cases where the water loss included sewage, such as a toilet backup, the restaurant may require odor control measures. Frequently turned to include:   

  • Time-release gel pellets for on-going scent control 
  • Thermal fogging which neutralizes surface and embedded odors
  • Hydroxyl generators which work to eradicate airborne particulate 

In many situations, the techs rely on multiple applications for odor control. They may use all three methods or a combination to ensure the property has no residual scents lingering behind once the mitigation efforts complete.

When your property needs commercial water cleanup, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020. The certified technicians have extensive training in the safe handling and restoration from any size water loss problem.

Why Should I Call a Professional Water Extraction Company in Basking Ridge?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking from the ceiling of a house into a black bucket Water leaks in your home can leave lingering effects that can silently damage your home. Contact SERVPRO for water damage remediation in your home.

Restoration After a Water Leak in your Basking Ridge Home Requires More than DIY Drying Solutions. A Professional Water Restoration Technician Can Help.

Imagine your Basking Ridge home immersed in water, with your floors, furniture, and cabinets all soaking water by the minute. Now think of who you should call to help you determine the scope of the damage and eliminate it. Your friends and neighbors will have opinions, but this is a moment in which relying on a professional service can help you avoid more problems in the future.

For an expert opinion about the water damage in your Basking Ridge home, call our SERVPRO team at our 24/7 hotline and invite us to take a look. As soon as we arrive, you will discern our expertise and knowledge as we carefully inspect your house and note the areas of concern. Some problems are easily perceived, but others, such as water hiding underneath your floors or in your drywall, can be less evident. Trust in our ability to identify and measure the impact of the water incident and let us propose a sensible plan of action to return your home to mint condition.

What does it take to disinfect my home?

Excess moisture can invite bacteria to multiply in your home, but our disinfecting efforts can thwart that growth. Once our team is satisfied with the humidity levels in your home, we can sanitize the area. To do so, we may employ one or several techniques such as-

  • Thermal foggers- helpful in controlling odor as well as sanitizing, they create a thick fog that settles upon your home.
  • Ultra-Low Volume foggers- these create small droplets that help reduce airborne bacteria
  • Antibacterial treatments- there are a variety of treatments to remove microbes from the surfaces of your home. The EPA approved cleaning solutions.

Don’t stop at water extraction when your home is the victim of water damage. For a complete restoration process, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 and let us clean and disinfect your home. Like you, we want to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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