Recent Before & After Photos

Mitigating a Roof Leak

A roof leak in Bernardsville, NJ occurred due to a passing rain storm. As you can see in the photos; the water was able to make its way into the drywall and car... READ MORE

Mitigating Salon Water Damage in Bridgewater Township

The Bridgewater Township salon shown in the Before Photo needed water cleanup after another commercial facility on the same property experienced a plumbing fail... READ MORE

Basement Water Removal for Hillsborough Township Families

The Before Photo of this Hillsborough single-family home basement was taken after the property suffered water damage related to a toilet supply line burst. The ... READ MORE

Bridgewater Township Needs Help After Pipe Burst in Ceiling

The Before Photo shows signs of water damage within the ceiling of this Bridgewater Township kitchen. SERVPRO technicians used their equipment to locate the act... READ MORE

Bedminster Kitchen Needs Floor Removal During Water Mitigation

This Bedminster kitchen had a water damage incident that affected much of the kitchen space. As the Before Photo shows, the floorboards show signs of swelling a... READ MORE

Basking Ridge Home Has Water Damage From Toilet Backup

SERVPRO received a call to handle water damage cleanup in this Basking Ridge home. A toilet backed up and spilled a large amount of water in the room that satur... READ MORE

Bedminster Bathroom Ceiling has Water Damage from Storms

The Before Photo shows a Bedminster bathroom with two small spots in the bathroom ceiling. The property owner brought in SERVPRO to mitigate the water damage. T... READ MORE

Basking Ridge Neighbor’s Water Damage Becomes Downstairs Resident’s Problem

The homeowners in this downstairs Basking Ridge condo unit did not have a pipe burst or other water damage issue. The upstairs neighbors had a major sink overfl... READ MORE

Somerville Residential Facility Has Severe Commercial Water Damage Problem

Water damage is bad enough in a Somerville residential facility; adding in sewage to the issue makes it a dangerous situation that needs to be handled professio... READ MORE

East Brunswick Kitchen Needs Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup

An East Brunswick kitchen fire spewed smoke and soot throughout this home. As seen in the Before Photo, the technicians are carefully using dry cleaning sponges... READ MORE