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What Is The Best Response To Fire Damage In A Bridgewater Hotel After A Flash Fire?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked outside hotel You can count on SERVPRO's skilled technicians to restore your hotel after fire damage. Just call (908) 222-2020.

SERVPRO Delivers Fire Restoration Services that Guarantee Re-establishment of Sanitary Conditions

A flash fire may not leave significant damages in your Bridgewater hotel if you manage to put it out in good time. However, since it is characterized by high temperature and a rapidly moving flame front, it might leave residues and unwanted odors in unexpected areas.

Apart from dealing with the physical fire damage, your Bridgewater hotel also needs other processes to ensure sanitary conditions. Our SERVPRO teams help by containing the affected areas, thus halting cross-contamination. We also clean heavily soiled surfaces such as tiles to restore food-grade cleanliness. We achieve this by combining various resources, including training, experience, and advanced equipment.

The Right Resources Are Crucial in Addressing Many Unique Problems During:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke remediation
  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Fire restoration

Flash fires in hotel kitchens mostly involve grease or protein, among other materials. When such materials combust, they tend to leave smelly and sometimes invisible residues. The extreme temperatures tend to open up pores on surfaces driving residues deeper into the surfaces. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use specially formulated cleaning agents that can lift away the stubborn residues from surfaces. Sometimes, our crews' patience cultivated over the years is the answer since a single application might not suffice. 

Physical agitation also helps. We use various equipment, including pressure washers and rotating brushes, to provide the necessary agitation power. Our SERVPRO crews also clean areas beyond the directly affected areas, thus eliminating all traces of residues.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is a seasoned service provider dealing with fire damage in business premises. You can reach us at (908) 222-2020. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Is Water Cleanup Necessary In Basking Ridge Homes After Moisture Intrusion?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO technicians know all the steps to take after water damage strikes in your home.

SERVPRO Helps Resolve Additional Inconveniences Apart from Delivering Water Removal Services

Whenever there is unnecessary moisture intrusion in a basking Ridge home, several problems tend to develop later, including rotting of organic materials like wood, unexplained odors, stains, and mold. A thorough cleanup of the property is one of the crucial solutions that resolve many problems. 

Water cleanup in Basking Ridge properties involves several steps, including removal of foreign or deteriorated materials, use of chemical agents to remove soils or odors as well as moisture management. SERVPRO restoration teams are skilled and equipped to handle all these aspects simultaneously. 

Water Cleanup May be Necessary Under Different Circumstances Like:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Basement flooding
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roof from storms

With a professional team like SERVPRO, it is easier to clean up your property, restoring preloss conditions. For instance, demolishing assemblies such as walls or removing floor treatments like carpets or floorboards is quicker since we always bring a variety of handy tools to the loss site.

SERVPRO technicians are well versed with normal cleaning processes and specialized cleaning involving unique materials or chemical agents. 

Typically Advanced Cleaning May be Necessary During:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Textile cleaning
  • Addressing stubborn odors 

Various steps help improve the outcome of the cleaning process. For instance, evaluation before taking any step is crucial. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate the vastness of moisture migration and the level of wetness in specific materials. We also test materials to determine how they might react to different cleaning techniques or products. With such tests, we can address any issue needing cleanup, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Bridgewater helps homeowners conduct water cleanup conveniently. Call us at (908) 222-2020 for assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Problems Are Typical During Flood Damage In Bridgewater Homes?

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

thermal imagery device Our certified technicians come prepared with state of the art equipment your property needs after a water incident occurs.

SERVPRO Helps Address Evident or Hidden Issues During Water Damage Repairs

Storms usually involve several things, including torrential rain, strong winds, lightning, and rising groundwater. Therefore, it is hard to predict the outcome of a storm incident at your Bridgewater home. Some damages are readily identifiable, while others may remain hidden.

Involving a professional like SERVPRO when flood damage affects your Bridgewater home helps in many ways, including identifying hazards at your property, hidden damages as well as the best solutions for the obvious problems that you can readily identify. 

With Professional Assistance, You do not Have to Worry About:

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Ceiling repairs from water damages
  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup

Some common hazards in flooded properties include exposure to contaminants, the risk of electric shock, or even bites from rodents and other small animals. Unfortunately, you cannot resolve these problems without exposing yourself. Luckily, SERVPRO staff have various protective gear allowing them to enter your property to assess or fix damages without risk.

Useful Protective Gear Includes:

  • Hard hats
  • Rubber boots
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Bodysuits

Apart from hazards, the damages from flooding can be baffling. For instance, water trickling down roof beams can end up in unexpected areas, including ceiling or wall cavities. Roofing debris might end up inside the house. Moisture infiltration might also affect several contents. Our SERVPRO technicians help probe these problems, thus finding the best solutions. For instance, thermal cameras help identify hidden moisture pockets in unexpected sections of the building. 

SERVPRO of Bridgewater finds the best solutions in case of flood damage. Call us at (908) 222-2020. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our Certified Technicians Have the Experience to Service Your Basking Ridge Home

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

mold growth on a maroon wall Our SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians can remove the mold from this wall in a Basking Ridge structure without demolition

Providing the Best Mold Remediators for Basking Ridge Homes

Mold remediation is a much more complicated procedure than many Basking Ridge residents realize. Even with the likelihood that many of these homes and businesses might combat this damaging organism at some point, mold remediation is still something broadly misunderstood. While some companies can claim that they can remove mold entirely from your house, this is a fallacy. Mold remediation is your best approach. Because of our dedication to providing our customers in the area with the best possible field technicians, we have an entire crew of qualified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians ready to help.

When combating mold damage in Basking Ridge properties, experience counts. Our SERVPRO team comprises qualified technicians who have put in the work to obtain their accreditations through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and continue to pursue educational opportunities to stay current on changes in the standard practices. Due to this dedication, we can offer our customers unparalleled service, even in addressing widespread mold threats.

Mold Damage Restoration Training

Our education in mold damage remediation niche of the restoration industry can help us to identify mold growth and threats within a property quickly. Not only can we better determine the presence of microbial growth, but we can also design the best approach for addressing these colonies based on the materials affected and the severity of the spread. In some situations, a lighter presence of mold can get treated with our antimicrobial spray, which can eliminate spores on contact.

Our remediation team's continued training and education also help us work alongside the contractors of our SERVPRO brand to recover overly damaged areas of a home. With an entire team of licensed general contractors, we can implement controlled demolition tactics to remove compromised structural elements and seamless build back and reconstruction to make mold damage "Like it never even happened."

While our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team already can show that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, we also can showcase our knowledge and extensive experience in mold remediation when you need it. Give us a call at (908) 222-2020 for an inspection or more information about our premier remediation and recovery services.

Bridgewater, Fire Damage, SERVPRO and Cleanup

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

ozone machine Bridgewater homeowners benefit from the ozone machine from SERVPRO for fire and smoke damage cleanup and odor control

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Bridgewater

The devastation of a fire in your Bridgewater residence quickly brings home how involved the cleanup is. Residues spread everywhere, on all surfaces. The soiling differs from regular dirt and grime, and DIY efforts to clear it away often make it worse. Dozens of tasks face fire remediators, and our experts are familiar with the work needed and use proven strategies to complete the project fast and thoroughly.

When fire damages your Bridgewater home, you might be surprised to note that water and chemical damage are two of the first things to manage. Firefighters leave vast amounts of water and chemicals behind after extinguishing the flames. Water causes considerable damage on its own, and its presence creates a slip and fall risk and exposes everyone in the building to electric shock possibilities. Because we are a full-service restoration company, holding multiple certifications from the IICRC, our assessment team adds water remediation to the project blueprint as phase one.

House Fire Clean Up

SERVPRO assessors inspect all areas of your home and evaluate the types of residues deposited in different places. Dry, ashy soot from burning wood and paper dry sponges and vacuums away. Thick, sticky soot from fabrics, plastics, and electronics smoldering needs a cleanser enhanced with wetting agents and surfactants to loosen the coating and often agitation to eradicate it. Kitchen fires deposit a thin, smelly layer of protein-based soot, requiring solvents and abrasive tools and action to resolve.

Odors present a challenge, lingering even after SERVPRO removes all the other toxic wastes left by the fire. Our deodorizing technicians follow a detailed protocol to remove and clean any burned item or surfaces still emitting smells. We inspect HVAC systems, cleaning and sealing hard-to-reach areas if the odor emanates from the air ducts. Technologically advanced equipment like thermal foggers, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators help eliminate airborne and settled odor-bearing particles. These approaches change the chemical makeup of the minute bits of combusted materials still sharing unpleasant odors at a molecular level, neutralizing the smells.

Rely on SERVPRO of Bridgwater to manage all aspects of fire damage remediation fast. Our highly qualified professionals are available 24/7 by calling (908) 222-2020 immediately after the firefighters leave your home.

Is Thermal Imagery Reliable for Moisture Tracking in Basking Ridge Homes?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

TI camera pointing at ceiling SERVPRO has advanced devices for discovering and removing water and moisture from homes in Basking Ridge--Like this thermal imaging camera

With multiple moisture meters in our inventory, thermography might not always be best for Basking Ridge.

Whether it is collecting information and data for our proprietary software like SERVPRO DryBook or tracking the progress and production of drying efforts, several moisture detection devices play a part in water restoration. In many cases, infrared and thermal imagery provide relevant results to track changing moisture conditions for placing drying instruments effectively.

What Advantages Exist with Thermal Infrared Imagery?

Thermal imagery cameras in our inventory are versatile and feature a user-friendly interface to efficiently track water damage in Basking Ridge homes. No specific skills or training are required to operate these tools, though interpretation comes with training and experience. Some of the advantages to choosing thermal infrared include:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Tracks large surfaces simultaneously
  • It can be used to identify drying shortcomings

Is Thermography the Best Moisture Monitoring Choice for Area Homes?

Our technicians realize that there is no one set way to learn the placement and presence of moisture throughout the property. While thermal imagery can help in these situations, it is often not ideal for tracking water consistently. Surface moisture meters and hygrometers can both continually track the presence and migration of moisture to place air movers and dehumidifiers effectively.

Tracking moisture migration is critical for long-term drying solutions for damaged properties. We have several devices that can work in this regard. Our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team can help when you call (908) 222-2020.

We Have The Expertise And Equipment To Restore Your Bridgewater Home

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

storm damage roof Flood damage restoration is a job for a professional outfit. SERVPRO has you covered from start to finish.

Using Humidity to Control Microbial Growth after Flood Damage in Bridgewater

In dealing with excess quantities of water that enter the home, there are two primary methods. The first is an open system that establishes a natural airflow throughout the affected area by opening windows or doors. This method is not always appropriate, especially during the colder times of the year when flood damages are most likely to occur. The second method is a closed system which we use more often when dealing with private property damages.

A closed system service for flood damage in Bridgewater homes involves cordoning off the area of damage using physical barriers like plastic sheeting. At SERVPRO, we call this establishing a contained drying zone which allows us to concentrate our efforts on an area by area basis, thereby increasing efficiency. Plastic sheeting also prevents humid air from circulating into and modifying previously unaffected parts of the home.

Once a drying zone is created, we can use a combination of equipment to help draw out moisture. Hard floors and furnishings can often take on moisture after prolonged exposure. This phenomenon occurs because water naturally migrates from wet to dry. Moisture that is absorbed beneath the surface of a material can be problematic as it encourages microbial growth like mold.

Using the same water moving from wet to dry, SERVPRO technicians can draw moisture from saturated materials. We do this by controlling the relative humidity in a specific area using desiccant dehumidifiers. This equipment uses chemicals to reduce moisture levels in the air to below 40 GPP. Moisture residing inside fabrics or hard floors are then drawn out into the drier air.

To encourage the process of pulling moisture from inside material, your SERVPRO technician can deploy rapid air movers. These blast hot air at a surface level, causing water residues to evaporate. We can measure how effective this process is by using moisture meters and thermal hygrometers. In a closed system, SERVPRO can control humidity with dehumidifiers, thereby reducing the likelihood of expensive secondary damages common with water and flood damages.

Controlling humidity in property involves both expertise and equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 to arrange service.

Mold Damage Removal for Your Bridgewater Bakery

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold and microbial growth restoration can cause health effects. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs are trained and ready at a moment's notice.

Mold can shut down your Bridgewater's favorite food places if not cared for properly. 

Bakeries like your Bridgewater establishment stay busy with a steady production of delicious food items, bread products, and other delicacies your patrons enjoy. Situations like mold and microbial growth are never far away, and that does not mean the mold that you might have spotted on a pastry that's sat out too long. The mold that affects your building can spread quickly and become a disastrous scenario for a business owner without the appropriate intervention from a team that knows the latest remediation approaches.

Combating mold damage in your Bridgewater bakery begins with having the right professionals respond to the situation promptly. Our SERVPRO professionals not only can arrive quickly to damaging scenarios for your business, but we have years of training and expertise under our belt to help make a recovery seamless. Our technicians have accreditations through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in not only Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) but also related niches like Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD.)

As an establishment for food and beverages, the presence of mold might require an immediate closing of your doors to customers until the situation can get resolved and documented. Containment work needs to begin right away, and our team has unique approaches to limit the spread of this organism throughout the rest of the building. Through the combined use of physical barriers and advanced tools like air scrubbers and negative air chambers, we can stop the spread of mold colonization and begin removing the organism where it gets found.

While much of the approach rests on the severity of the situation, our SERVPRO professionals often lean towards removal approaches like media blasting. This abrasive cleaning solution can eliminate the entire hyphae, often without damaging the substrate of the material hosting the colony.

Mold recovery can become a long and involved process without responding to the situation as it gets discovered. Help your business get the doors back open again quickly by reaching out to our SERVPRO of Bridgewater remediation specialists. Give us a call anytime at (908) 222-2020 to make mold damage "Like it never even happened."

Water Cleanup at Basking Ridge Homes is a job for the Professionals.

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Water damage restoration by SERVPRO is second to none. SERVPRO techs are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Offers a Reliable and Efficient Water Damage Mitigation Service to Basking Ridge Residents

Water cleanup at your Basking Ridge home must be done promptly to check the extent of water damage and prevent additional loss. SERVPRO water restoration experts offer professional water cleanup services after water damage due to any of the following reasons-

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roofs from storms
  • Backed up sewers
  • Basement flooding

Water cleanup at Basking Ridge homes may require different approaches depending on the water damage's 'category.' Category 1 damages are sanitary and do not involve contaminated water. In contrast, category 2 and 3 damages involve significantly contaminated and grossly contaminated water, respectively.

How does SERVPRO Ensure Safety of Occupants and Workers during Water Damage Restoration of Category 2 and 3 Damages in Basking Ridge?

Category 1 damages to your Basking Ridge home involve noncontaminated water, and hence, no special safety measures are needed. However, Category 2 and 3 water damages need special safety precautions to minimize health hazards to occupants and workers alike. 

  • Category 2 Damages: Involve significantly contaminated water. SERVPRO technicians typically handle these by using gloves to minimize skin contact. 
  • Category 3 Damages: Involve grossly contaminated water such as found during cleaning up after a sewer backup. Occupants are evacuated from the structure. SERVPRO technicians typically wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including a full-face respirator with HEPA filters, a full-body suit, heavy-duty work gloves, and waterproof boots. 

SERVPRO prioritizes the safety of both the homeowners and the technicians before initiating the water damage remediation process. 

Call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 for a reliable water cleanup service.

Why is Heating Necessary during Fire Cleanup in Basking Ridge Homes?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

House fire After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Uses Unique Techniques to Facilitate Fire Damage Restoration of Basking Ridge Properties

The need for heating during cleanup in a property affected by a fire incident might sound counterintuitive considering that most damages, including soiling, charring, and even staining, result from exposure of materials to high temperatures.

You might have different goals during the fire cleanup exercise in your Basking Ridge home, including completing the process faster or getting cleaner outcomes. A skilled restorer can rely on the properties of heat to aid in achieving both goals. The basic aspect of cleaning is the movement of molecules. When heated, molecules move faster, thus speeding up the reaction between soils and cleaning solutions. It also reduces the surface tension of soils minimizing adherence to surfaces. 

From the vast experience especially handling smoke remediation tasks, our SERVPRO technicians have established unique traits of temperature changes during cleanup. For instance, after heating cleaning solutions to 118 degrees, every 18-degree increase in temperature doubles the chemical reaction time, thus removing soils faster. When soils move faster, they remain suspended in the cleaning solution longer, thus easing extraction. Of course, our technicians check product labels to determine the best temperatures of cleaning solutions when dealing with: 

  • Smoke damage
  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke remediation

SERVPRO of Bridgewater has all the resources necessary to handle fire cleanup. Call us at (908) 222-2020 for quick assistance.