Flooding and Water Damage Restoration in Bridgewater, NJ

With threats like flooding and water damage being consistent concerns for Bridgewater homes, thousands of residences and cultural centers like the Children’s Museum could be at risk. We strive to provide fast responses for mitigation throughout Somerset County and our portion of the New York City Metropolitan area. We can help in many ways, including:

  • Floodwater removal
  • Burst pipes cleanup
  • Water removal services
  • Surface drying
  • Content relocation and cleaning
  • Flooring cleaning and restoration 

Flood Restoration and Mitigation for Bridgewater Properties 

Mitigation often involves several steps that begin when our SERVPRO team first arrives at damaged homes and businesses. Among the most critical mitigative actions is water removal services, which address standing surface water and trapped moisture in porous materials and flooring. We have numerous tools to help in this regard ranging from pumps to vacuums.  

What Remediation Solutions Work Best in Bridgewater Homes?

Remediating water and moisture damage focuses on efficient and effective drying tools. Air movers, both axial and centrifugal units, target surface moisture damage and vapor barriers that slow the drying process. With the combination of dehumidifiers, we can manage new moisture concerns and promote efficient drying. 

Are Repairs Necessary for Bridgewater Properties?

All water damage scenarios do not require repairs, but when these are necessary, our SERVPRO team has a general contractor license to complete the work in-house. 

Find out about our emergency services, water damage, and cleaning here.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater

Flooding or Water Damage? Call Us Today – (908) 222-2020

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal Service

We know that water and flooding emergencies can happen any time, so we’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays. We provide immediate emergency water services to you Bridgewater home or business, day or night.

Faster To Any Size Water Emergency

Immediate action is crucial when dealing with water damage. With over 2240 U.S. and Canadian Franchise locations, we are strategically positioned to be faster to any-sized water emergency. Bridgewater residents can expect an immediate response day or night.

Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

We are water damage specialists. We get started quickly to get your property dry and back to pre-water damage condition. We use advanced water removal and drying equipment and scientific drying principles to get you property dry quickly, including documenting the drying process to validate your home or business is ready. Learn about our water damage training and certificates.

Locally Owned and Operated

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Bridgewater is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Bridgewater community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

Our Restoration Process

Every water damage event is a little different and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” water damage emergency.

1.  Emergency Contact

When you call us, our consultant will guide you through several questions that will help us respond to your water emergency more quickly and efficiently. This initial contact is an important part of a fast, effective restoration.

2. Inspection and Damage Assessment

We carefully inspect your property’s water damage, determining the type of water damage and the areas affected. This is a crucial step to creating an effective plan of action that will result in a successful restoration.

3. Water Removal / Water Extraction

The water removal process begins almost immediately and removes the majority of the water. We use powerful pumps and vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons from your property which helps prevent secondary water damage and mold growth.

4. Drying and Dehumidification

We use specialized equipment to remove the remaining water which is harder to access. Our Professionals will use room measurements, temperature, and relative humidity to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed to dry your home or business.

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Water damage also affects your belongings, like furniture, clothing, and personal items. We can clean restorable items using a number of specialized cleaning techniques. We also disinfect with antimicrobial treatments and remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

6. Restoration

The last step is restoring your home or business back to its pre-water damage condition. The restoration step can be relatively minor, such as replacing a few drywall panels, or could include major reconstruction, such as rebuilding entire rooms of a home or business.

The Trusted Leader in Water Restoration

SERVPRO of Bridgewater understands your water crisis and is ready to respond with the right tools and crew. As a leader in the water restoration industry, SERVPRO is a trusted friend, standing by and ready to help you when a water emergency happens. We know that when water damage affects your home, it can be upsetting. Let us answer any questions you have at (908) 222-2020. We are ready to make this situation “Like it never even happened.”

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